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How you start your mornings immediately impacts your days, and therefore your weeks, months and years. This tool will help you start your days with intention, allowing you to design your days instead of living them by default. This has the power to change your life!

— Stacey Berger, Transformational Life Coach

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How can you make this year the best year ever? It starts right now, by intentionally choosing how to show up in your life, today. The key to creating great years, months, weeks, and days starts with how you begin them. Start your day out with this simple Daily Practice Tool and set yourself up for success - and use each day as a launchpad into your vison and goals.

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Stacey Berger is an industry leading, awarding winning, mindset expert and transformational coach. 

She combines a unique perspective with 20+ years as a Successful Business Leader in Marketing, Management & Finance, with having been Certified over a dozen times as a Life Coach specializing in mastering and applying transformational principles.  

Stacey is a sought after international transformational speaker. She has shared the stage with industry leaders such as Mary Morrissey, Michael Beckwith, and Dr. Jean Houston. She has been featured in various media and co-authored two books on mentorship. Stacey has supported thousands of people in discovering their passion and living on purpose.


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